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Splashbacks Melbourne

Glass splashbacks or Mirrors

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FAQs about your Glass Splashbacks or Mirrors

How should I measure my splashback area?

With a tape measure, measure the entire area that will be covered (height, width) then include measurements (sizes) of power points included in this area.
Include a few details such as if cupboards next to or either side of a range hood extends down further than the range hood and how much by.
If there are multiple areas you would like us to quote, include them in the enquiry and indicate as to what area they are.

What is slumped glass?

Slumped glass (or textured glass) is also known as patterned glass, It is glass enhanced by heat and colour.

What is Starphire glass?

Starphire glass is a special type of ultra clear glass, with lower amounts of iron to remove the blue-green shade/tint that usually accompanies normal glass (normal glass has a much higher level of iron)

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